alternate nostril breathing

alternate nostril breathing,

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Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly through both nostrils, do alternate nostril breathing, or inhale and exhale only through the left nostril (a calming breath).
3 Nadi Shodna: Practice alternate nostril breathing with a straight, tall spine and closed eyes.
The chapter provides self reflection exercises for each of the observances and concludes with an exercise on alternate nostril breathing called nadi shodhana.
Effect of alternate nostril breathing exercise on cardiorespiratory functions.
When you feel unsettled, stressed, or sick, Hemingway recommends doing the following two-minute breathing exercise, which involves the simple technique of alternate nostril breathing.
Alternate nostril breathing is an exercise with a valuable settling effect.
Dr Stanway has also devised Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercises which re-trains you how to breathe properly.

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