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A bit like Naomie's alterego Miss Moneypenny, really.
If it Nightmare Street I had the try so The genial 62-year-old American could not be less like his sinister screen alterego Robert Freddy, as he gleefully swapped opinions, answered questions and signed autographs for scores of delighted fans.
MEET Betty Crossland - Betty Boop's Scottish alterego who has just celebrated her 80th birthday.
He is consequently sentenced to seven years behind bars but remains there for another couple of decades, as his alterego, superstar Charles Bronson, takes over his life.
But he sprayed cleaning fluid around the flat and on the walls, started the fire, and left a note apologising for what he had done, blaming it on his alterego, and ending the note with a smiley face.
Objective: "The ALTEREGO project aims at overcoming the existing bottlenecks towards implementation of alternative energy technologies for intensified chemical manufacturing.
His voice can be heard on the new album by Zarelli - the alterego of producer and multi-instrumentalist Carwyn Ellis, who is behind an award-winning documentary about Edwyn Collins.
Similar complaints were made by MikeDavies, managing director at The Alterego Group, which also banks with FBME.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: A Coronation Street star was suspended from the soap after he was found to have a "totally unacceptable" rapper alterego.
Professional clown Dingle Fingle entertained the crowds while Australian stuntman Matt Coulter's alterego, the Kangaroo Kid, performed death-defying stunts on his quad bike.
Bradford-born Chris was booted off Coronation Street after dressing up as an alterego called The Phantom and rapping vile lyrics online.