altered state of consciousness

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altered state of consciousness (ASC)

Etymology: L, alter, other
any state of awareness that differs from the normal awareness of a conscious person. Altered states of consciousness have been achieved, especially in Eastern cultures, by many individuals using various techniques, such as prolonged fasting, deep breathing, whirling, and chanting. Researchers now recognize that such practices can affect body chemistry and help induce the desired state. Experiments suggest that telepathy, mystical experiences, clairvoyance, and other altered states of consciousness may be subconscious capabilities in most individuals and can be used to improve health and help fight disease.

al·tered state of con·scious·ness

(awl'tĕrd stāt kon' shŭs-nĕs)
General term indicating that someone is failing to interact with environmental stimuli in a normal manner.
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Discovering the right brain dominance during an altered state of consciousness helps to explain the experience.
This is necessary to facilitate the integrative process because the breathwork session itself involves an altered state of consciousness.
The rhythmic movement, song, chanting, and other hypnotic behaviors that promote an altered state of consciousness were also universally recognized by the groups observing the healing rituals.
Entry into some form of altered state of consciousness is a necessary part of most forms of spiritual healing.
Silence allows the body, brain and soul to replenish itself as it tries to recover from an altered state of consciousness.
An important feature of a rather complex legal construct is the concept of the actio libera in causa, which presumes that an offender might operate under a significantly altered state of consciousness, thus reducing his/her legal liability, but that this liability must be assessed in a larger framework of time and behavior.
This cerebral injury may predispose people to experience an altered state of consciousness known as dissociation and to develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), scientists asserted last week at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Miami.
If you take certain drugs, you may be transported into an altered state of consciousness.
an insult to the brain that may produce a diminished or altered state of consciousness, resulting in impairment of cognitive abilities or physical function or in the disturbance of behavioral or emotional functioning (these impairments may be either temporary or permanent and cause partial or total functional disability or psychological maladjustment);
For instance, the act of hiding behind yellow ribbons is explicable in terms of society's own despair associated with this altered state of consciousness.
More significantly, their music as a whole began to reflect their altered state of consciousness and growing alienation from the conformist mindset of the mainstream, in songs such as 'Nowhere Man.
Laing himself entered the altered state of consciousness by taking half the dose administered, and made himself available for relating.