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conversion of something to a different form.
culture change the sum of the changes that occur in a culture over time in response to various circumstances; such changes result from contact between groups and forces within the culture.
dressing change/wound care in the omaha system, the observing, cleansing, irrigating, or covering of a wound, lesion, or incision.
reciprocal c's the changes seen in leads facing the wall opposite to a myocardial infarction; they were formerly thought to be purely electrical but are now considered a sign of more extensive myocardial damage.
role change in the omaha system, movement away from or into a set of expected behavioral characteristics.


(awl'ter-ā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with alternation.
1. A change.
2. An act of making something different.


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Our hope is to set a new standard in alteration and design services nationwide, and with it, offer a new caliber of trust and consistency for clients to expect.
In contrast to the effects of CPF on working and reference memory errors, there were no alterations in latency (time per arm entry; data not shown).
Potential alteration in elimination as evidenced by indwelling catheter (this problem would have been more accurately stated as "Alteration in urinary elimination with risk of infection related to indwelling bladder catheter")
Permeability alterations [plus or minus] active efflux
The numbers displayed in the stable and variable trend graphs were larger with each level of alteration.
The expeditor can assist with processing the Alteration Type II application and procuring the Letter of Completion.
GMC mapping has defined porphyry style alteration assemblages at Gold Lake, ranging from quartz-sericite-pyrite (phyllic zone assemblage) to clay +/- sericite (argillic zone assemblage) to fresh rock.
Similar alterations have been reported when cells were exposed to cadmium and arsenite (21).
With a projected volume of just under $10 million in 1994, Southgate Contracting is by no measure a large General Contractor/Construction Manager, but having arrived at that volume during five of the toughest years on record probably makes it a safe bet that they will be a factor in the emergence of the newly evolved Interior Alteration game in Manhattan.
Those subdivision controls had always been intended and consistently interpreted by the City Planning Commission so as to dovetail with the tree removal and topography alteration regulations explained above.
Under the Act, when alterations are made to existing facilities that could affect the usability of the facility, the alterations must be made in such a manner that, to the maximum extent feasible, the altered portion is "readily accessible to and usable by" people with disabilities.
The photographs in Deborah Samuel's show "Venus Passage" bear witness to ritual violence: she paints her models in thick black strokes that evoke bodily alterations ranging from decorative scarification to sex change.