alpha granules

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α gran·ules

large, rodlike, or filamentous granules found in several types of cells, especially platelets, where they are the most numerous type of granule; contain secretory proteins, including fibrinogen, fibronectin, fibrospondin, von Willebrand factor (collectively known as adhesive proteins) and other proteins (for example, platelet factor 4, platelet-derived growth factor, coagulation factor V).
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While sCD40L and sPS are platelet function markers from membrane glycoproteins group, BT and PF4 are alpha granule chemokines.
RANTES was chosen because it is present in PLT alpha granules in relatively high concentration, and therefore should yield a sensitive assessment of the capability of PLTs to degranulate in response to agonist stimulation.
The alpha storage pool disorder 8-SPD leads to gray platelet syndrome (GPS) with large (mean 13 fL) platelets devoid of alpha granules, giving them a ghostly gray color on the peripheral smear.