almond oil

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al·mond oil

(al'mŭnd oyl),
A fixed oil expressed from sweet almonds, the kernels of varieties of Prunus amygdalus; used in ointments.

almond oil

an oil expressed from the kernels of the fruit of the sweet almond tree, Prunus amygdalus, which is native to the Mediterranean region. The fixed oil is a demulcent and a mild laxative. Bitter almond oil is a volatile oil that contains lethal prussic acid.



almond oil
used topically as an emollient.
almond shells
causes abomasal impaction in stall-fed cattle where the shells are added to the ration as a roughage supplement.
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Mystic ensures that their range of Clear Almond oil will be exclusively available for various treatments like Balinese Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi at all Mystic outlets.
4-1/2 ounces beeswax 16 ounces almond oil or grapeseed oil 1-1/3 cups distilled water (I used our good well water) 2 teaspoons Borax Put water and Borax in one pan and the oil and beeswax in another pan.
12-ounce jar * 3/4 cup each fine sea salt, granular brown sugar, almond oil * 1/2 tsp.
Light oil such as sweet almond oil or sunflower can be found in the grocery store.
Its almond oil, pressed from lightly crushed and toasted almonds, was named Best French Speciality in last year's Great Taste Awards, the deli trade Oscars organised by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers.
Individual products contain various botanicals, including avocado, cucumber oil, sunflower seed oil, berry seeds and sweet almond oil.
They began with a chemical- and dye-free, eco-friendly lotion in many scents, including cinnamon, ginger-orange, Virginia lavender, and aroma-free, but they have recently developed 10 varieties of handmade hemp 'butter' soap and handmade tub truffles (bath tizzies) containing almond oil.
Pookie offers a range of lip balms ($6 to $9), including the flagship "Apookalips" and tinted "ColorBalms," all made with natural ingredients, including vitamin-rich almond oil and UV-shielding shea butter.
The kit contains an eight-minute video, a spritzer of almond oil, an infant neck rest, and a stand-up instructional book, and was written by Michelle Moe.
Along with colleagues at the Universities of Toronto and Verona, Italy, Spiller showed 6 years ago that substituting almonds and almond oil for other fats in a persons's diet over a 9-week period could lower both total and low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol.
Together, the Raw Sugar Scrubs and Dead Sea Salt Scrubs are designed to exfoliate dull skin away and the combination of Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil then rehydrate and replenish your skin to a healthy glow.