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The CMS trait is of particular interest in alloplasmic wheat (wheat with alien cytoplasm) for the production of commercial hybrids (Lucken, 1987; Anderson and Maan, 1995).
However, in the situation of an alloplasmic durum nucleus in (lo) durum, Rf genes have no effect on compatibility (Maan et al.
The testcross line was a male-sterile alloplasmic line.
2] individuals were determined by test crossing to an alloplasmic line hemizygous for the scs gene.
and (ii) cytoplasmic backgrounds including a set of eight HA89 alloplasmic lines (see top of Table 1).
Seven alloplasmic, cytoplasmically male sterile (CMS), HA89 female lines based on the MAX1, PET1, PET2, ANN2, ANN3, GIG1, and PEF1 cytoplasms were crossed with four male parents, HAR4 seln 1, SA52, PAR-1673-2 seln 1, and DES1474-2.
Male sterile (msms) alloplasmic Chris plants carrying the FS2, FS3, FS20, and FS24 mutant genes were crossed to Chris (MsMs) to produce heterozygous male-fertile (Msms) [F.
Because the mutants were induced in alloplasmic Chris, we attempted to avoid any possible epistatic effects by using Chris rather than Chinese Spring (CS) monosomics to determine the chromosomal location of the sterility gene in FS20.
The Tres alloplasmic (A) germplasms were developed by using the Selkirk alloplasmons as female parents and Tres as the male parent in the initial cross and in six subsequent crosses.
Designation numbers and pedigrees of paired euplasmic (E) and alloplasmic (A) germplasms of 10 donor cytoplasms substituted for Tres Triticum aestivum L.
Triticum species differ in regards to compatibility with alien cytoplasms and interspecific nucleocytoplasmic interactions produce a variety of phenotypes, including maternally inherited male sterility, delayed maturity, and reduced plant vigor in the alloplasmic wheat lines (Maan, 1975).
This is different from fertility restoration genes (Rf) which function to restore complete fertility to alloplasmic durum and wheat lines with T.