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Relating to allopathy.


Relating to allopathy.


(ă″lop′ă-thē) [ allo- + -pathy]
1. A system of treating disease by inducing a pathological reaction antagonistic to the disease being treated.
2. A term erroneously used for the regular practice of medicine to differentiate it from homeopathy.
allopathic (al″ŏ-path′ik), adjectiveallopathically (al″ŏ-path′ik(ă-)lē)


Pertaining to conventional medical treatment of disease symptoms that uses substances or techniques to oppose or suppress the symptoms.
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Dr Aslam explained that all medicines other than allopathic medicines are called alternative medicines.
RESULTS: Chiropractors receive twice the amount of neuroscience hours (neuroanatomy and neurophysiology) compared to allopathic doctors (182/86).
The single accreditation system will allow graduates of allopathic and osteopathic medical schools to complete their residency and/ or fellowship education in ACGME programs.
Of 400 respondents, 227 chose Allopathic treatment and 27 chose Ayurvedic treatment for the second time; 146 elderly did not give any response for their second choice of treatment, whereas 135 respondents chose their respective second line of treatment as they considered it to be effective, followed by its ease of availability (81), free-of-cost availability (10), and prescribed by doctor/person (15).
In his editorial, Elder discusses paradigm conflicts that hamper the integration of naturopathic and allopathic care.
While allopathic eye drops have instructions telling the user not to use more than a certain number of drops per day, "We don't have those restrictions," Pigeaire says of Similasin products, which include Irritated Eye Relief, Dry Eye Relief and new products such as Aging Eye Relief and Complete Eye Relief.
Graduates of osteopathic medical schools tend to specialize in primary care at a higher rate than those of allopathic medical schools (Peters et al, 1999).
Allopathic drugs are neither completely effective, nor do they retain their efficacy by their continuous administration due to the development of resistance but also adversely affect milk and meat production of animals (Chartier et al.
The supplements like minerals and vitamins help the body deal with some of the side effects of allopathic medicine.
Although his letter doesn't mention his profession, it's obvious that he is a doctor with vision beyond allopathic treatment.
With the placement of homeopathic along with the allopathic medicines; an increasing number of consumers are embracing homeopathic medicines for being natural," says Kelly Hickel, chairman, president and chief executive officer of TheraBiogen Inc.