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1. A traditional medical physician, as distinguished from eclectic or homeopathic practitioners.
2. One who is a practitioner of allopathy.
Synonym(s): allopathist


(ăl′ə-păth′) also


One who practices or advocates allopathy.


A practitioner of traditional/mainstream or "Western" medicine; the term allopath is largely of historic interest, and was used in the 19th century to differentiate the practitioner from a homeopath.
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Camp would have separate counters for female, male and children patients and three types of treatments facilities would be provided at the camp including homeopath, allopath and Tib-e-unani and it would be up to the patients to opt for any type of treatment facilities.
Free treatment facilities include homeopath, allopath and tibb-e-unani with separate counters for male, female and children patients.