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15) In general it can be said that collectivist cultures have more allocentric people in them, while individualistic cultures have more ideocentric people in them.
Objective: "The two years Fellowship project proposes a systematic investigation of the relationship between two basic processes of spatial cognition: egocentric and allocentric frames of reference and categorical and coordinate spatial relations.
Instructive in this regard is an article written in the Journal of African American Studies titled: "Finding a Voice: an Allocentric Worldview to Guide Effective Reduction of Behavioral Health Disparities in African Americans".
Visual and cognitive perspective taking impairments in schizophrenia: a failure of allocentric simulation?
Erziehungsziele und allozentrische Orientierung im Kulturvergleich und deren Funktion fur das Sozialverhalten von Vorschulkindern [Cross-cultural comparison of educational goals, allocentric orientation and the function of social behavior in preschool children], Berlin, Germany: VWF-Verlag.
Allocentric and idiocentric tendencies: Convergent and discriminant validation.
individualist and collectivist, Ferriera and Giavoni (2010) developed idiocentric and allocentric profile inventory.
In addition, a natural language user chooses a reference frame: egocentric or allocentric (e.
However, it is important to note that the maps used in the navigation system showed the surrounding area with a 'north-up' allocentric perspective; also relevant landmarks were missing or not purposely highlighted.
In the other dimension, the allocentric definition of self-interest (ADSI) refers to the norm developed from Confucianism, while the idiocentric definition of self-interest (IDSI) is derived from the Western, Hobbesian tradition.
Feshbach's (1975) research reported that as the child developmentally shifts from an egocentric perspective to an allocentric perspective, the child is able to increasingly recognize and differentiate expressive cues, thus contributing to the development of empathy.
All people use egocentric (person-centered) and allocentric (object-centered) frames of reference (Antonakos, 2004) when navigating familiar and unfamiliar places or spaces.