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The total number of allocated bed nights per annum for October 2015 to September 2016 is 1 448.
The three government-run hospitals in the city, Holy Family Hospital (HFH), Benazir Bhutto Hospital and the District Headquarters Hospital, have allocated beds for their dengue wards.
He said that the hospital administrations had allocated beds for dengue patients.
The HSE needs to review why these patients are not being allocated beds.
those patients admitted and discharged within the same day and staying for a minimum of four hours, the total occupancy reaches more than 100% over weekdays, and 88% when weekends are included - extended recovery is used intensively during the day, often over and above the two allocated beds.
The expansion has been completed, but still no allocated beds.
Worst-case scenario, from McKenzie-Willamette's perspective, is that state regulators have allocated beds to PeaceHealth that could prevent McKenzie-Willamette from earning approval for the 148 beds it seeks to operate in a new $225 million Eugene hospital.
That said, once we'd arrived, found our holiday house, allocated beds, had our first paddle in a freezing sea, visited the First Aid post after stamping on a jellyfish, located the fun-fair, bought twirly ice creams and chosen new buckets and spades, we were all playing holiday happy families.
PHC also has the opportunity to receive additional revenue for providing care for patients beyond the allocated beds on a fee-for-service basis.
They said that keeping in view the situation, the hospital administrations had allocated beds for dengue patients.