allergic dermatitis

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allergic dermatitis

Etymology: Ger, allergie, reaction; Gk, derma, skin, itis, inflammation
a delayed type IV allergic reaction of the skin resulting from cutaneous contact with a specific allergen, with varying degrees of erythema, edema, and vesiculation. Such allergens include dyes, perfumes, poison ivy, certain chemicals, and metals. Also called allergic contact dermatitis.
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Allergic dermatitis from metal fastener on jeans

allergic contact dermatitis

A condition caused by cell-mediated immunity due to contact with haptens (e.g., nickel, chromates, ursodiols) in poison ivy and poison oak, synthetic chemicals, drugs, cosmetics, jewelry, neomycin ointment, etc., which may affect any body part.

Clinical findings
Often intense pruritus; erythema; intercellular oedema; papulovesicles, which with continued exposure are followed by vesiculation, rupture and oozing dermatitis.
Modifying factors—host
Genetic predisposition, age, route of 1º sensitisation, concomitant disease (e.g., immunocompromised, as in AIDS).
Modifying factors—environment
Physicochemical modulation.

Patch test.
Topical steroids.

allergic dermatitis

Inflammation of the skin following contact with any substance to which the person is allergic.


pertaining to or caused by allergy.

allergic alveolitis
allergic breakthrough
a theory which attributes temporary increases in clinical severity of atopy to influences, such as concurrent disease or hormonal variations, acting to inhibit the mechanisms which normally regulate production of IgE at low levels following sensitization.
allergic bronchitis
see bronchitis, feline bronchial asthma, pie syndrome.
allergic contact dermatitis
results from percutaneous sensitization to allergens, usually haptens, that form covalent bonds with epidermal proteins, and the development of a delayed (type IV) hypersensitivity. Lesions typically correspond in location to the area of contact between allergen and skin which in animals is often in relatively hairless areas unless the allergen is presented in liquid form.
allergic dermatitis
inflammation of the skin resulting from exposure to antigens to which the animal is hypersensitive. Usually involving immediate (type I) hypersensitivity but also commonly applied to reactions involving delayed (type IV) hypersensitivity. The specific skin reaction, lesions and pattern of disease produced depend on many factors including the type of allergen and immune mechanism, route of exposure and species differences. See also atopy, sweet itch, allergic contact dermatitis (above).
allergic encephalitis
see experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.
equine allergic dermatitis
an intensely itchy dermatitis along the back of horses caused by sensitivity to the bites of the sandfly Culicoides brevitarsus and possibly other insects. Called also sweet itch, Queensland itch.
allergic inhalant dermatitis
see atopy.
allergic reaction
an immune-mediated, adverse clinical response, following the inhalation, ingestion or injection of an antigen by a sensitized animal. Manifestations include urticaria or anaphylaxis.
allergic rhinitis
see enzootic nasal granuloma, summer snuffles.
allergic urticaria

Patient discussion about allergic dermatitis

Q. I have atopic dermatitis and its been out of control : ( i was wondering any suggestions what to do? This past year i have experienced 2 bacterial infections due to my open soars as well as a viral infection in which i was hospitalized. im so fusterated and scared i dont know what to do.. i personally dont think that creams and ointments work all that well. From what i have gathered eczema comes from the inside out? :S i also have allergies i tend to be allergic to everything environmental, animals dust, mold, as well as oral allergy syndrom to alot of foods. which is very difficult. i have been to numerous doctors and specialsist and they dont know what to do. the next step is to put me on an oral medication, sure it prevents it from coming but there are also alot of disadvantages to taking the pill. They also wanted me to go for uvb lights which are knowen to treat psriosis, which personalyy i dont feel it helps me ..realie.. eczema and psriosis are 2 totally diff skin diseases.. someone . PLEASEE HELP .. : )

A. I like the apple cider idea and hope that works for you. But I have a client who has suffered the same as you with her dermatitis and was also hospitalized with mirca staph infection. Her dr. has agreed to refer her to a mayo clinic I will come back and let you know what they do and if it works. God bless you hun and stay strong!!
it might be a while but I will come bk and let u know what they say :)

Q. My son has atopic dermatitis that is treated with topical cream. Is he in a greater risk for other diseases? My 1 year old son has atopic dermatitis. We treat him with topical cream and he is getting better. What kind of a diseases is this? Is he in a greater risk for other diseases because of his skin lesions?

A. Atopic dermatitis is an immunological disease. As a guy that has many allergies I can say that i believe the best treatment is not topical cream. You need to find what causes the allergy and to exclude it from your life. This way you prevent the disease not just treat its symptoms.

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Allergic dermatitis involves dogs inhaling or contacting common environmental things such as pollens and having the immune system overreact and cause itchy skin, so allergy testing seems to be the next logical step.
Removal of plants including the root systems, in areas frequented by children, is the best way to reduce the incidence of contact and allergic dermatitis.
Tsunetoshi Shimazu, a Kyoto allergy doctor, said he conducted a study with Osaka dentist Nagakazu Ko from 1991 to 1998 on 300 allergic dermatitis patients in western Japan who had amalgam in their teeth.
7] Allergic dermatitis can result from the presence of hexavalent chromates in cement in patients who have become sensitizcd to metallic salt,[8] but this does not seem to be an important factor contributing to the burn.
Eczema or allergic dermatitis is a noncontagious, itchy rash which often occurs in the creases of the arms, legs, and neck, although it can cover the entire body.
and European studies, when patients were tested for allergic dermatitis, the product was implicated in 2.
Such intense pruritus, or itching, in dogs may be caused by numerous skin diseases, from sarcoptic mange to food allergies, but the midnight scratcher was suffering from a common summer ailment called seasonal allergic dermatitis, or summer itch.
Erin Warshaw, MD, professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota, reviewed common but often unsuspected causes of allergic dermatitis in the pediatric population at the annual meeting of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology.
Sidbury disclosed that he was a site principal investigator for an Anacor Pharmaceuticals-sponsored trial of a new topical anti-inflammatory agent for allergic dermatitis, and that he is on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Eczema Association.

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