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Having the properties of an antigen (allergen).
Synonym(s): allergenic, immunogenic


provoking allergic reactions.


Having the properties of an antigen (allergen).
Synonym(s): allergenic, immunogenic.


A substance capable of causing an allergic reaction.
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Patient discussion about allergenic

Q. How do I diagnose an allergy? I think I’m allergic to something. I’ve been having running nose, sneezing, and even problems breathing every once in a while. How can I find the cause?

A. There can be thousands of materials that you are allergic to. But usually people are allergic to the same things (cats, pets in general, type of foods and so forth..). what you can do is an allergy test- It’ll cover most of the usual things. Here is a video that explains it:

Q. Can it be that I stopped being allergic to cats? is it a miracle? I was allergic to cats in my childhood, and yesterday a friend cat jumped on me and nothing happened.


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Some allergenic plants cause allergic reactions in dogs, especially as they suffer more exposure than people do.
The scientists plan to identify other modified allergenic proteins in the environment and hope, in collaboration with biomedical researchers, to study their effects on the human immune system, which may also be affected by other physiological factors.
While proof-of-concept animal-model studies and tests for safety and efficacy still need to be conducted before tannic acid can be used to develop less allergenic peanut products, says Chung, the study shows that tannic acid holds promise as a scavenger that binds to allergenic peanut proteins and keeps those proteins from being released in the stomach and gut after ingestion.
Clean Diesel) (OTCBB:CDTI) (AIM:CDT) (AIM:CDTS), a developer of chemical and technological solutions to reduce harmful engine emissions, announced today that independent tests have demonstrated that the platinum emissions from the company's Platinum Plus(R) fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) do not pose an allergenic risk.
Included in the testing strategies were the following components: consideration of the serologic identity of a novel protein with proteins implicated as human allergens; assessment of the structural similarity to, or amino acid sequence homology with, allergenic proteins; and measurement of the resistance of the novel protein to proteolytic digestion in a simulated gastric fluid (Metcalfe et al.
Serum antibodies (IgG, IgE) specific for the various allergenic proteins (extracts) tested were measured by ELISA.
Our results suggest that differences in allergenic potential can be determined using this assay.
Ragweed is common throughout the United States, and it is one of the most allergenic plants," says Paul Epstein, associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School and a study co-author.
is currently concentrating its efforts on the $21 billion medical diagnostics market and believes that development of a medical testing instrument using the SPR technology will result in a diagnostic methodology whereby one easy-to-use portable instrument and a series of test disposables would be capable of performing diagnostic tests for human health conditions such as infectious diseases including HIV, drug testing, allergenic profiles, cardiovascular function, blood chemistries, and a variety of other tests.
Although there are clear benefits to the use of this technology--for example, genetic modification could reduce the amount of allergenic substances in foods such as peanuts, the most common food allergen--there is also growing concern among the general public about whether foods modified by recombining DNA from widely different organisms are safe.
Plants that are wind-pollinated are more likely to be allergenic than plants that are insect pollinated.