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Having the properties of an antigen (allergen).
Synonym(s): allergenic, immunogenic


provoking allergic reactions.


Having the properties of an antigen (allergen).
Synonym(s): allergenic, immunogenic.


A substance capable of causing an allergic reaction.
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Patient discussion about allergenic

Q. How do I diagnose an allergy? I think I’m allergic to something. I’ve been having running nose, sneezing, and even problems breathing every once in a while. How can I find the cause?

A. There can be thousands of materials that you are allergic to. But usually people are allergic to the same things (cats, pets in general, type of foods and so forth..). what you can do is an allergy test- It’ll cover most of the usual things. Here is a video that explains it:

Q. Can it be that I stopped being allergic to cats? is it a miracle? I was allergic to cats in my childhood, and yesterday a friend cat jumped on me and nothing happened.


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The most common allergenic foods and food ingredients are milk, eggs, fish, shellfish or crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soya.
It has been estimated that an allergenic pollen producing tree in your own yard will expose you to ten times the amount of pollen as would the same tree planted just down the block.
Our research is showing that chemical modifications of allergenic proteins may play an important role in the increasing prevalence of allergies worldwide," Kampf says.
The group also recommended against the avoidance or late introduction of allergenic foods such as wheat, fish, egg, and peanut (J.
The European consumers' organisation BEUC has called for a ban on lead, nickel, allergenic substances, such as perfumes, and carcinogenic substances, as well as stricter rules with regard to packaged toys and warnings.
For more than 100 years, Greer has provided allergenic source materials to biopharmaceutical companies, clinics and research institutions.
There also were important national differences between the most highly allergenic foods, he noted.
CDT) recently announced that independent tests have demonstrated that the platinum emissions from the company's Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) do not pose an allergenic risk.
FDA does not consider it acceptable to identify some allergenic ingredients only in the ingredient list and include others only in the "contains" statement.
If an allergenic substance (besides nuts, wheat, soy and milk are common allergens) is one of those constantly eaten foods, and a mother-to-be ingests it throughout her pregnancy, her fetus (as early as the second trimester) may become sensitized to that food.
At just six weeks old doctors discovered Matthew was allergic to milk, so he was fed special hypo- allergenic milk instead and recovered well.