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Signal substances between individuals of different species. Compare: pheromone.
[G. allēlōn, reciprocally, + chemical]
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The allelopathy offers potential for selective biological weed management through the production [12] and release of allelochemicals from leaves, flowers ,seeds, stems, and roots of living or decomposing plant materials [11].
The long time suppressive ability of parasites by the allelochemicals contained in the Parkia products might have been responsible for the better performance of the maize plants treated with these products and thus increased grain yield.
To evaluate the phytotoxicity of allelochemicals produced by Sorghum halepens, the effects of water soluble compounds on germination was analyzed using a methodological design similar to the one previously used by Romel, et al.
This homogeneity of diaspores can be confirmed by the low uncertainty value at a 10% concentration, noting that allelochemicals can select diaspores with high vigor.
For one," says Duke, "the probability of weeds developing resistance to allelochemicals is unknown.
Screening bioassays should simulate the natural release of allelochemicals from the living donor plants into the growth medium (Wu et al.
Many allelochemicals has been known in tea such as alkaloids (caffeine, teophiline, teobromin), tannins, polyphenols, catchins and phenolic compounds (benzoic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, p-cumaric acid, vanillic acid [15].
Bertin C, Yang X, Weston LA (2003) The role of root exudates and allelochemicals in the rhizosphere.
Gupta (crop and soil science, University of Georgia) looks at nutrient stress, both deficiency and toxicity, in general in crops, then details the effects of stresses such as soil acidity, allelochemicals, soil compaction, drought, water-logging, humidity, radiation, air pollution, and parasitic weeds, examining how these stresses affect nutrient availability, uptake, transport, utilization, crop growth, and fructification.
Conversely, Martin reports, substances called allelochemicals in certain plants and trees, like oak, can prolong Bt's longevity.