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Relating to an allele.
Synonym(s): allelomorphic


Relating to an allele.


(a-lel') (a-lel') [Gr. allelon, of one another]
Any of two or more different genes containing specific inheritable characteristics that occupy corresponding loci on paired chromosomes. A pair of alleles is usually indicated by a capital letter for the dominant and a lowercase letter for the recessive. An individual with a pair of identical alleles, either dominant or recessive, is said to be homozygous for this gene. The union of a dominant gene and its recessive allele produces a heterozygous individual for that characteristic. Some traits may have more than two alleles, but an individual has only two of them. For example, the genes for blood type, A, B, and O, are at the same position on the chromosome pair, but an individual has only two of these genes, which may be the same or different. Synonym: allelic gene; allelomorphallelic (a-lel'ik), adjective

histocompatibility allele

Any of many different forms of the histocompatibility gene. Each allele creates specific antigenic markers on the surface of cells.
See: histocompatibility locus antigen

intermediate allele


prothrombin 20210A allele

A guanine-to-adenine substitution at nucleotide 20210 in the prothrombin gene that increases the risk for venous clotting. The gene is usually found in people of European ancestry.
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Allelic diversity was similar between HRed and HHyb populations (12 alleles), whereas for HJap it was significantly lower (7.
To calculate the RNA-SNP allelic ratio, we divided the Poisson-corrected counts for the G-allele copies bythe Poisson-corrected counts for the A-allele according to the following equation:
Proto et al (18) have observed two types of alleles in Brazilian isolates while three allelic types were observed in Colombian isolates (12).
2 Allelic Allelic Allelic Allele (b) Frequency Frequency Frequency Hariana Sahiwal Rathi *02 (b) 0.
MSP-2 alleles, which differ in number and sequence of intragenic repeats, can be grouped into two allelic families, FC27 and 3D7/IC, according to the central dimorphic domain as first observed over a decade ago.
Intragenic recombination between porin genes of the same allelic family is likely occurring in nature because mosaic gene structure has been reported in porB genes.
The present study, using a PCR-RFLP method, was designed to determine the allelic frequencies of exon 2 of the BoL-ADRB3.
It has been shown that the robust measurement of the RNA-SNP allelic ratio requires at least 1000 molecules per reaction (34).
The output file produced by Mauve was parsed by using a custom Perl script to retrieve multiple aligned sequences for indel loci that fulfilled the following criteria: 1) the loci should exist in all compared strains, 2) only 2 allelic variants should exist, 3) at least 25 bp of sequences lacking other indels should flank identified loci, 4) indels should be 5- to 200-bp long, and 5) direct repeated sequences of substantial length should not be present at indel loci because such sequences may increase the risk for homoplastic mutation.
Common allelic variants in the vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene have received much attention in the search for markers of susceptibility to osteoporosis, a metabolic bone disease that is characterised by reduced bone mass and a subsequent increased fracture risk (Figure 1).