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The process of rendering alkaline.
Synonym(s): alkalinization


1 the act of making a substance alkaline, as through the addition of a base.
2 the state of becoming alkaline. alkalinize, v.


, alkalinize (al′kă-līz″) (-lĭ-nīz″)
To make alkaline.
alkalinization (al″kă-lin″ĭ-zā′shŏn) alkalization (al″kă-lĭ-zā′shŏn)
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Reducing animal protein intake also helps with urinary alkalinization.
Simultaneously, the frequency and dose of leucovorin rescue were increased with continuous hydration and alkalinization to maintain urine pH at 7–9 to eliminate MTX as quickly as possible.
Soler-Illia, G, Jobbagy, M, Candal, RJ, Regazzoni, AE, Blesa, MA, "Synthesis of Metal Oxide Particles from Aqueous Media: The Homogeneous Alkalinization Method.
Moreover, the range in pH values for Alabama streams suggests that acidification or alkalinization would rarely result from natural causes, but suggest pollution.
Patient was aggressively hydrated and urine alkalinization with IV bicarbonate infusion was started.
induced alkalinization in mouse cerebral astrocytes mediated by reversal of electrogenic [Na.
Although there was one death in this series in an elderly female patient after supportive therapy with urinary alkalinization and intravenous rehydration, most patients recovered within 2-5 days; two patients suffered prolonged weakness for six weeks; and one patient had cognitive disturbances that resolved over eight months.
The immune system must be strengthened through detoxification; the elimination of all heavy metal dental fillings; addressing infections; and the alkalinization of the body and the use of oxidative therapy like hydrogen peroxide IV, ozone therapy and multinutritional therapy.
The existing filter building is built to order to accommodate the new process with membrane filters, tanks, plant alkalinization and connections via cables to the existing plant components.
For mouse sperm, intracellular alkalinization produces a hyperpolarization of sperm membrane potential which may be important for both hyperactivated motility and acrosome reaction.