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Laundry detergent compatibility of alkaline protease produced from Bacillus cereus, Microbiological Research.
Its commercial application makes it possible to efficiently produce several industrial enzymes, such as alfa-amylase, alkaline protease and beta-glucanase, as well as amino acids, antibiotics, nucleosides and vitamins.
In the present study purification and characterization of an extra cellular alkaline protease produced by Bacillus Subtilis (KHS-1) isolated from the slaughter house soil samples of Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, India, was reported.
According to Borris (1987) alkaline protease production is found to be maximum at pH 9-13.
3 Monthly import situation of alkaline protease in China, 2007-2009
Alkalophile microorganisms like alkaline protease production--they need optimal growing conditions for these organisms accompanied by increased production of enzymes, are provided.
Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Alkaline Protease Industry, 2009-2019 is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Alkaline Protease markets.
The topics include the test and study of a soybean storage anti-grading device, the virtual and optimized design of the mechanical arm of a forestry felling and cultivation machine, workplace analysis and calculation for the manipulator of an explosive-handling robot in mines, purifying and characterizing an alkaline protease from Bacillus alcalophilus, a new power flow control and management method based on a multi-line transmission/distribution system, and protecting and symbolizing innovation of manufacturing process of blue and white porcelain.
Among different proteases alkaline protease produced by microorganisms are of main interest from a biotechnological perspective, and are investigated not only in scientific fields of protein chemistry, protein engineering but also in applied fields such as detergents, foods, tannery, pharmaceutical industry, leather industry (Kumar and Takagi, 1999), and in Silver recovery from X-ray films.
The results presented here are in agreement with the literature, as several Bacillus species are known to be good alkaline protease producers and have been widely used in the detergent industry (BEG; GUPTA, 2003; UYAR; BAYSAL, 2004).
Table 2 shows total nitrogen content, X, of natural rubber and rubbers coagulated from the latex after deproteinization with alkaline protease at 32[degrees]C for a day (E-DPNR) or incubation with 0.
Flour was defatted and deproteinated using the alkaline protease digestion process.