alignment mark

a·lign·ment mark

marks made in tracings while the kymograph or other recording apparatus is at rest in order to indicate the time relations between two tracings inscribed one above the other, for example, jugular and radial pulses.
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In fabrication of Nanowire alignment and exposure are the most critical steps in photolithography process, the resolution requirements and precise alignment are vital, each mask needs to be precisely aligned with original alignment mark.
The mask contains the drawings of the fluid channel elements and an alignment mark for rotational alignment to the flat of the silicon wafer.
Another useful feature is located on the bow's shelf in the form of a centershot alignment mark designed to simplify the adjustment and tuning of your setup.
Other features include 8 1/8-inch brace height, straight riser, centershot alignment mark, multiple holes for mounting your sight and accessories, and Cam-Lock[TM] Cable Guard.
85NA ArF Exposure System and Performances -- Contact Printing to the 45 nm Node Using a Binary Mask and 248 nm Lithography -- Next Generation Scanner to sub-100nm Lithography -- New Criteria about the topography of W-CMP wafer's alignment mark
The alignment mark variations offered by AOR allow rapid optimization of mark pitch, structure and duty cycle for a customer's process.
Fiducials and alignment marks may also become filled with solder material as the paper smears it across the stencil.
Aiding the archer in setup and tuning are the tuning alignment marks on the shelf area that offer a reference line for both vertical and horizontal arrow rest adjustments.
The L2 TRADITIONAL PUTTER features dual alignment marks and a flat sole design that puts the head where you want it and keeps it there.
Well defined, rounded apertures and alignment marks simplifies automated crystal detection and centering in the X-ray beam for optimal data collection.
Highlights of this speedster include past-parallel limb design, precision-set speed nock locations, America's Best[TM] bowstring, Vibracheck[TM] Backstop[TM] string silencer, tuning alignment marks, and multiple sight mounting holes.
Accurate alignment marks promote proper face angle at impact and the precision milled face guarantees a perfectly fiat striking surface.