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align (əlīn),

v to move the teeth into their proper positions to conform to the line of occlusion.
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Central Illinois-based Align Production Systems designs and builds material-handling and manufacturing solutions for market leaders around the world.
Good professional development A research synopsis from the American Educational Research Association describes five studies, some experimental, that demonstrate impacts on student achievement when PD focuses on how students learn and understand subject matter, strengthens teachers' knowledge of subject matter, and aligns with actual classroom conditions.
Raising the awareness of potential tax risk consequences within an organization, as well as the need to align tax risk with the overall corporate risk profile, is critical.
Until now, the only method to reliably align the molecules involved rubbing a polymer substrate with a velvet cloth.
The defensive end on the side of the walk-up linebacker will align in a 4 technique.
This started years ago, and we have gotten better to align our curriculum.
The combination of Align and Universal SmartComp creates a best-in-class service provider with a broader network that delivers greater choice and cost effectiveness while providing a more complete physical therapy solution for patients," said Hofstetter.
Before that happens, however, researchers must find better ways to grow and align these carbon nanotubes.
This fall I worked with a K-12 school system to align its curriculum with state and professional education standards, including those from the International Society for Technology in Education.
Former Berkshire Hathaway executive, Rod Eldred, will expand company's underwriting activities in specialty commercial auto insurance and lead Align into Worker's Compensation marketplace
1, we align 10 of the 11 defensive regulars in a traditional 52 front.
Greenbriar Equity Group LLC, a Private Equity firm specializing in the worldwide aerospace industry, has announced the establishment of Align Aerospace through the acquisition of the Aerospace Hardware division of Anixter International Inc.