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Pertaining to alexia.


Pertaining to alexia.


(a-lek'se-a) [ ¹an- + Gr. lexis, word + -ia]
A loss of the ability to understand written or printed words. alexic (a-lek'sik), adjective. Synonym: visual aphasia; word blindness

motor alexia

Inability to read aloud while remaining able to understand what is written or printed.

musical alexia

Inability to read music. It may be sensory, optic, or visual, but not motor.

optic alexia

Inability to understand what is written or printed.
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When 'noisy' inputs were presented to the lesioned versions of the model, performance matched that found when alexic patients are given mixed case words.
As noted, Bub & Arguin (1995) have reported that case mixing affected naming more than lexical decision in their alexic patient.
Case mixing x task effects were the same as those reported for alexic patients.
Lesions to both hidden and input units of our model have been shown in many cases to produce performance resembling that of some pure alexic patients.
This creates conditions under which alexic patients may use a compensatory letter-by-letter reading strategy.
The model provides an existence proof that it is possible to explain this dissociation in the reading of pure alexic patients in terms of architecture and processes.
A final point is that several predictions have emerged from the model, which can now be tested on pure alexic patients.