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Like Alas Purwo, Panataran is said to be protected by penunggu spirits; also like Alas Purwo, this place is used as a place of prayer by Indonesians of many faiths.
In alas bog soils of interfluve of Lena and Amga volume weight across the whole profile varies from 0.
When the facility came under new ownership, management decided night shift RNs could no longer attend the ALAs because their temporary absence from the nursing home breached the Public Health Act.
Leviste, who was governor of Batangas province south of Manila from 1972 to 1980, said that he had killed delas Alas in self defence following a heated argument inside his office in Legaspi Village in Makati City.
It's an opportunity to enjoy time with the family,'' Alas said.
It's going to be great,' Patricia Rodrguez-Martnez-Jones, a founding member of Alas and its current vice-chairperson, said.
Participants attended ALAS twice weekly; each session started at 3:30 and ended at 5 p.
Alas, however, there continues to be evidence to support the conventional view.
Alas poor Edmund, I'd like to say we knew him well, but we didn't.
Alas and alack, Bob Edwards has signed off for the last time as host of National Public Radio's "Morning Edition.
Alas, there is a traitor in the White House and a horrifying conspiracy.
Alas, there always has to be a victim and this time it was Kansas--for no other reason than the existence of North Carolina.