alar fold

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alar fold

1 a fringed margin on either side of an infrapatellar fat pad in the knee joint formed by the synovial membrane. The synovial membrane covering the lower part of the infrapatellar fat pad is raised into a sharp midline fold directed posteriorly, the infrapateller synovial fold, which attaches to the margin of the intercondylar fossa of the femur.
2 a fold extending from the nostril to the ventral nasal concha.


1. pertaining to or like a wing.
2. pertaining to the axilla.

alar cartilage
a nasal cartilage which supports the rim of the nostril of some animals such as the horse.
alar fold
extends from the nostril to the ventral nasal concha. It forms the medial and ventral walls of the false nostril in the horse.
alar foramen
a third foramen which perforates the wing of the atlas in some animal species.
alar plate
dorsal bulge of the embryonic neural tube, destined to develop into the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
rostral alar fold
one of a group of foramina in the caudal part of the orbit.