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al·a·nyl (A),

The acyl radical of alanine.


The acyl radical of alanine.
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Human proCNP 1-10 extended C-terminally with 4 alanyl and 1 tyrosyl residue was custom synthesized for tracer preparation and standards.
1-39] with the leucine zipper-like motif substituted with alanyl residues also elutes as a molecule three times larger than the expected size, and the elution position can be reversed to the expected with use of denaturing conditions (Goetze et al.
Lot 6 - Alanyl Glutamine 200 mg / ml, 100 ml of conc.
One of the active ingredients of Ampion(TM), aspartyl- alanyl diketopiperazine (DA-DKP) is extremely stable at low and high temperatures, however if the glass vial containing the drug is frozen or is at freezing temperatures, some of the DA-DKP will come out of solution and together with other compounds present in Ampion(TM) will adhere/crystallize on the inner glass surface of the vial.