al kohl

al kohl (äl kōlˑ),

n a traditional preparation originating from Kuwait; used for cosmetic purposes and to provide strength and protection for the eyes from disease. Available in a black or gray powder, it is applied to the inner surface of the eyelid. There have been reports of lead poisoning from using al kohl. Also called
Kohl. See also surma.
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Alcohol has been through several transformations before getting to its present inebriating meaning, as it started as al kohl, the fine powder used for beautify the eyes, and then entered Latin in the 1200s as referring to any finely ground material, and then shifted to include an additional meaning of a purified material, or aACAyquintessence' which medieval alchemists (another Arabic loan word
5km to in the villages of Souqrah and Al Kohl from an upper water tank 30m high and with a capacity of 250m 3 .