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Evaluation of the interrupter technique for measuring change in airway resistance in 5-year-old asthmatic children.
The unblocked group also had a substantially (but not significantly) lower mean nasal airway resistance level (figure 2).
Airway resistance was measured at each progressive workload, as was heart rate and V[O.
A more subtle form of sleep-disordered breathing is known as upper airway resistance syndrome.
Airway resistance was increased in females exposed to arsenic (p = 0.
Tracheostomy is thought to facilitate weaning by reducing dead space and airway resistance and by improving secretion clearance (5).
In COPD and asthma patients the use of one e-cigarette seemed to have no immediate effect to airway resistance.
The body plethysmograph directly measures airway resistance by measuring the pressures needed to produce resultant flows and thus the units for Raw are cm H2O/liter/ second.
Airway resistance was evaluated by whole-body plethysmography as described before (Couillin et al.
Patients with upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), an entity characterized by flow-limited breathing that results in the disruption of sleep, typically have Pcrit levels between snoring and hypopnoea (10).
2005) Variability of specific airway resistance in patients with laryngeal hemiplegia.
The study was limited by a lack of data on the potential role of upper airway resistance as a cause of nighttime leg movement, according to Dr.

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