airborne isolation

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airborne isolation

Any of the techniques used in addition to standard precautions to decrease transmission of infectious agents less than 5 µ in size or those attached to dust particles. Synonym: airborne precaution

Patient care

Patients are placed in a private room, preferably one with negative air pressure and between 6 and 12 changes of air each hour. Hospital workers should wear respirator masks when in the room. If transport is necessary, the patient should wear a surgical mask. Patients with diseases such as active tuberculosis, SARS, varicella, and measles are placed on airborne precautions.

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The German ventilation standard permits natural ventilation in most spaces, including airborne isolation rooms and minor interventional procedure rooms, excluding only operating rooms and protective environments (DIN 2009).
When measles is suspected, clinicians should use airborne isolation in a medical facility or home quarantine of the patient, along with known contacts during the incubation period.
2) Indications for hospitalization of TB patients include investigation and/or treatment of symptoms, establishment of an appropriate therapeutic regimen for patients with significant side effects to anti-TB medications and/or with known/suspected resistance to these agents, and provision of airborne isolation if this cannot be effectively provided as an outpatient.

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