air cell

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air cell

An air-filled sinus cavity in a bone.
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the gaseous mixture that makes up the atmosphere. See also air sacs.

air capillaries
the minuscule vessels that connect the parabronchi in avian lungs, in which there are no blind-ended tubules.
air cell
the air-filled space between the internal and external shell membranes of a bird's egg.
air changes per hour
the standard measurements used to indicate the level of ventilation in a building especially with respect to removal of humidity, noxious gases and carbon dioxide.
air dried
said of feed that is dried in the open with only natural movement of air, e.g. conventional hay. Contains about 10% water.
air filtration
used as a means of reducing contamination inside a building, the efficiency depending on the pore size of the filter. A technique of some value when combined with temperature control in reducing the prevalence of pneumonia in calves in intensive veal producing units.
air flow rates
are important in assessing the suitability of a ventilating system in animal accommodation. Standards for suitable flow rates for different species and age groups for heating and cooling are available.
air gap technique
in radiography, a technique to reduce scatter of radiation by increasing the distance between the patient and the surface of the cassette.
air hunger
a distressing dyspnea affecting both inspiration and expiration which occurs in paroxysms; characteristic of diabetic acidosis and coma. Called also Kussmaul's respiration.
air movement
includes air changes voiding humidity and gases to the exterior plus movements within the space which facilitate cooling.
air passages
the combined air delivery system of the upper and lower respiratory tracts including nasal cavities, pharynx, laryngeal cavity, trachea, bronchi and bronchioles.
air pollution
contamination of the air with deleterious or esthetically unattractive chemical, physical or biological material. Usually reserved for pollutants generated by humans.
air pump
a small electrically driven appliance used to provide a constant stream of air bubbles to aquaria. The bubbles themselves add little oxygen to the water but the constant disturbance of the surface of the water does.
air quality
the determination of air flow rate, temperature, humidity, freedom from bacteria, solid particles, obnoxious effluvia and poisonous gases—especially hydrogen sulfide and methane from sullage pits under the animal accommodation.
air trapping
dilatation of alveoli without destruction of their walls.
air vesicles
extend radially from parabronchi in the lungs of birds and connect with air capillaries, in which gaseous exchange occurs with vascular capillaries.
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Second, 4 of their 10 temporal bones had air cells above the IAC.
The development of an arachnoid cyst in the cerebellopontine angle facilitated the leakage of CSE The pressure of the enlarging arachnoid cyst thinned and penetrated the dura and allowed CSF to flow freely through the infracochlear air cell tract.
Placing the slipcovers in the washing machine and wiping down the air cells with disinfectant can easily clean the furniture.
Although we did not simulate the air flow through the deforming air cells during sitting on the ACB cushion, we did apply distributed forces over the inner surfaces of the air cells (0.
1,2,9,10) For example, paragangliomas characteristically present as isointense lesions on T1-weighted MRI and isointense to hyperintense lesions on T2-weighted MRI; they show opacification with destruction of air cells on CT.
The tests used in this experiment included finding the amount of calcium carbonate in the egg shell, the air cell size, and the percentage of protein in each type of egg.
In addition to featuring air cell cores that target individual comfort levels, the smart bed's computerized monitoring system measures and adjusts pressure levels.
Supply & installation of standard make conservator tank with air cell facility suitable for 10 MVA Apex make Power Transformer at 66kv Prabhas Patan s/s under Tr.
Middle ear pressure is regulated by three primary mechanisms: (1) gas diffusion through the middle ear mucosa, (2) a pressure buffer of the mastoid air cell system, and (3) gas exchange through the eustachian tube.
Cushions were then categorized into groups based on the materials of construction: viscous fluid (n = 5), air cell (n = 7), elastic/viscoelastic (VE) foam (n = 6), and honeycomb (n = 3).
Bubbly Air Cell: The air cell has been ruptured and results in one or more separate air bubbles.
Carrageenan binds water to form a gel network that reinforces gluten structure, yielding an improved air cell matrix.