air bronchogram

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air bron·cho·gram

radiographic appearance of an air-filled bronchus surrounded by fluid-filled airspaces.

air bron·cho·gram

(ār brong'kō-gram)
Radiographic appearance of an air-filled bronchus surrounded by fluid-filled airspaces.


the film obtained by bronchography.

air bronchogram
air-filled bronchi seen as radiolucent, branching bands within pulmonary densities. Indicates involvement of lung parenchyma.
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Evaluation of the air bronchogram sign on CT in solitary pulmonary lesions.
A CT scan revealed consolidation with extensive air bronchograms primarily in the anterior segment of the right upper lobe (Fig.
of cases Imaging findings Lung disease 14 Opacification 4 Pneumonia/bronchopneumonia 4 Pulmonary pathology 2 Infiltrates 2 Air bronchograms 1 Lower respiratory tract infection 1 Pleural effusion Other 4 Distended bowel 1 Enlarged liver
The mass tends to be flat or ovoid (rather than rounded) and may contain air bronchograms or may cavitate.
Increasing density results in loss of cardiac and diaphragmatic margins first, then air bronchograms developing and then filling in of these resulting in 'white out' (Fig.
A chest radiograph showed increased shadowing (Figure 1, panel B) and a computed tomographic (CT) scan of the chest showed a 6x3-cm solid mass in the upper left chest with visible air bronchograms and minor volume loss, reported as "almost certainly solid neoplasm" (Figure 2).
In lobar atelectasis, the presence or absence of air bronchograms is useful to determine the potential effectiveness of therapeutic bronchoscopy.
Air bronchograms are characteristic (89%) (12) and help distinguish ARDS from hydrostatic edema (Figure 4).
A chest radiograph showed increased markings in the right lower lobe medially with associated peribronchial thickening and some faint air bronchograms consistent with an early bronchial pneumonia.