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effectively ending its involvement with the manufacture and sale of air beds with a hand control that are the subject of Select Comfort's patent infringement suit.
Mr Hooley's body was left in a shed for two days until Halfacree, 37, loaded it into his car and drove to Kessingland, Suffolk, where he pushed it out to sea on an air bed, said Godfrey Carey, prosecuting.
Our players who've slept on the air bed since last season found that they sleep better and are restored for the next day.
Select Comfort, headquartered in Minneapolis, manufactures air beds with adjustable firmness.
NYSE: AOL) to make Select comfort air beds available in Shop@AOL, the world's largest online shopping destination.
The company's online ordering capabilities will open a new distribution channel for its line of adjustable-firmness air beds.
Customers are invited to visit the store and take a "Test Rest" on one of Select Comfort's patented air beds.
After hearing about the air bed from his son, Madden tried it and liked it, but he was concerned about coordinating its installation in the Madden Cruiser, since it's on the road all the time.
I've never felt better since I've started sleeping on a Select Comfort air bed, and it really helps when I have back pain.
The Vikings wide receiver, who underwent back surgery six weeks ago to repair a herniated lumbar disk, returned to practice two weeks ago and credits his speedy recovery to the time he spent in bed -- more specifically, on an adjustable air bed sent to him by a local company.
Air bed maker Select Comfort announced the initial public offering of 4 million shares of common stock at $17 per share.
Air Bed Manufacturer has Retail Presence in 13 Bed Bath & Beyond Stores