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A physical or mental disorder, especially a mild illness.


Etymology: OE, eglan
any disease, physical disorder, or complaint, generally of a chronic, acute, or mild nature.


Any minor illness, condition; though still a popular lay term, it is no longer used in the working medical parlance.


A complaint, disease, or physical disorder, esp. a mild or chronic one.

Patient discussion about ailment

Q. Is there any way to control the sickness? Hi everybody. I am asking this question from my friend user name. I am 26 and in the first trimester. Whole day sickness hurts me a lot. Smell of any kind of food is horrible. It’s becoming more frustrating; even television commercials make me nauseous. Is there any way to control the sickness?

A. In the first half of pregnancy, sickness and nausea are quite common. For some woman it goes after three months and in very rare cases where woman has the chances of doubles or triplets, nausea and vomiting symptom stays on. Yes, there are ways to control the sickness. Some of them are try to have food in short intervals but make sure not to be hungry. Drink more of fruit juices and water especially lemon. Avoid spicy food and smell that could make you worse. If none of the remedies suggested are going to work out for you, it is better to consult your physician. Hope you get benefited with this.

Q. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments? I have heard that garlic is very good for cardiac health and using in curries or cooked with foods will be helpful. I have also heard that it has anti-inflammatory substances and also helps in weight loss. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments?

A. It acts as antioxidant and reduces the amount of free radicals in your body. It’s helpful once taken raw. But the raw garlic can cause bad breadth and blistering of skin and diarrhea. So, there should be a reduced intake of raw garlic. It’s better to have garlic in a cooked up form like in curries or with vegetables. This will also give the desired benefits of garlic and the side effect of over consumption of garlic will also be reduced.

Q. How is morning sickness treated? I have been suffering from morning sickness all throughout my first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Is there a way to treat morning sickness?

A. Morning sickness during first few weeks of pregnancy is very common. Here is some information about morning sickness and how to deal with it -

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He confirmed that an unusual surge was also being registered in the incidence rate of the ailment this November with 490 cases reported to the Dengue Prevention and Control Cell till 20th day of the current month, with 489 from Karachi only.
Experts said that cardiovascular diseases were becoming very common in Pakistan and there was a need to adopt healthy lifestyle, exercise and intake of balanced diet to avoid heart ailments.
To identify the most important useful species in each ecoregion, the Relative Importance (RI) index was calculated: RI=NMUS+NT, where NMUS = number of medicinal use subcategories in which a given species is used, divided by the total number of medicinal use subcategories of the most versatile species; NT = number of total diseases and ailments in which the cited species is found, divided by the total number of diseases and ailments that the most versatile species obtained (Bennett & Prance, 2000; Albuquerque et al.
The scheme was for patients with minor seasonal ailments i.
It advised the public to avoid exposure to the sun during the four hours of the day when the sun is at its peak to avoid heat-related ailments.
In many countries medicines for tuberculosis, cancer, Aids and other life-threatening ailments as well as vaccines for polio are given free of charge.
Sera Roberts, clinical lead for the Dwyfor area, said: "Pharmacists are experts on all kinds of ailments and medicines and give professional health advice quickly.
It is not just heart ailments that are plaguing children.
These common ailments are conditions that may require little or no medical intervention, such as constipation, dyspepsia, hay fever, coughs and sore throats, others (e.
Prof Drakeford said: "Choose Pharmacy, will help to establish community pharmacy as the first port of call for people seeking advice and treatment for common minor ailments.
A new national scheme aims to make the 710 community pharmacists the "first port of call" for ailments like hay fever, warts, head lice, sore throats or indigestion.
The Welsh Government has said a minor ailments scheme, covering such common conditions as head lice, hay fever and indigestion, could free up more GP appointments.