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I had sent my application for financial help to the culture directorate, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also a considerable number of other senior ailing artists and writers had approached the directorate a year ago.
Syed Ali Gilani is very desirous to see his ailing daughter but due to the non-availability of the travel documents, this has not been possible for him so far," he added.
The bank said that it is planning to acquire assets worth USD50bn from ailing US banks as part of its push into commercial banking.
Since late 2001, many government-backed funds have emerged as the result of prime minister Junichiro Koizumi's emergency economic package in April 2001, which pledged that the government would help revitalize ailing corporations.
During interactions with the ailing relative, the daughters' heart rates and blood pressure levels rose significantly more than those of the wives.
The reasoning, Johnson says, was that the many financially ailing native corporations couldn't take advantage of their losses because they were unable to raise any money through stock sales.
In humans, he says, such a pump could lessen the burden on ailing hearts by delivering 2 liters of blood a minute--one-third the normal output of the heart.
FBR) are suggesting that 8 ailing financial institutions, including American International Group, Inc.
PESHAWAR -- The Culture Journalists Forum (CJF) has felicitated the recipients of presidential awards Asif Khan, Nuashaba and Laiqzada Laiq and urged government not to underestimate the ailing artists, writers and intellectuals who are confined to bed.
ISLAMABAD -- Ailing veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, has refused to travel in a government chopper offered to him by the senior officials of the administration in Srinagar.
Musharraf was offered exile in the garb of seeing his ailing 95-year-old mother in Dubai," said the source.
It was another day of roster flux for the ailing Dodgers Friday.