aid station

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Aid Station

A first aid post or centre—established by the medical arm of an army along the route of evacuation from a combat area—to which the wounded are brought; i.e. a wound dressing station or a first aid station. The wounded are given first aid and triaged according to their injuries; those needing further care are prepared for transportation to the rear.

aid station

A temporary or portable health care facility used in the military or at public gatherings or events to assess, stabilize, and triage the sick or the injured.
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Ben ran out of the tent to get help to defend the aid station.
Her team was responsible for ensuring that the specifics of the care Soldiers received at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization facility were uploaded into the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application and for providing that information to the referring aid station.
Initially, 4 TBH sites were established within our area of operations, including the TBH system in the behavioral health offices located in the Kandahar aid station that served as our base of operations.
The Nurse of the Day has the opportunity to visit with legislators, attend various committee meetings and assist in the First Aid station at the Capitol.
Two women and one man were injured, Baku City Emergency and Urgent Medical Aid Station told Trend.
Using the VSATs for CAISI communications allowed the SASMO to expand the network to multiple locations at each FOB, which provided network connectivity to the MC4 at each FOB's aid station.
The 36-year-old, of Thorpe Avenue, Ryton, was hit during the blast and later died of his injuries at a local first aid station.
Williams, who works as a physical education and grade 11 tutor at The British School Al Khubairat, was injured when Andrew Starykowicz, an American professional competitor collided with her at an aid station close to the Mina junction, the ADTCA said in a statement sent to Gulf News yesterday.
The medical platoon wanted an opportunity to train their new combat medics on casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and battalion aid station (BAS) operations.
The support ship Tharos - which has a fully-equipped hospital - was used as a first aid station in the transfer of the injured to the mainland.
The flight attendant was taken to a first aid station at Rome airport for treatment of minor injuries.
Despite imminent danger of explosion, Oh cleared the aid station and went into the operating room with a minimal crew of volunteers to perform the tense surgery.

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