aid station

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Aid Station

A first aid post or centre—established by the medical arm of an army along the route of evacuation from a combat area—to which the wounded are brought; i.e. a wound dressing station or a first aid station. The wounded are given first aid and triaged according to their injuries; those needing further care are prepared for transportation to the rear.

aid station

A temporary or portable health care facility used in the military or at public gatherings or events to assess, stabilize, and triage the sick or the injured.
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His father rushed him to our aid station after the boy became cyanotic at home.
So that those participating in the Nurse of the Day or Doctor of the Day program are not tied to the First Aid station, there is a paid ER Nurse that oversees the care provided.
Despite imminent danger of explosion, Oh cleared the aid station and went into the operating room with a minimal crew of volunteers to perform the tense surgery.
The scouts spent time in a first aid station, equipped with bug bites, scratches, and a "tent city".
I believe it was on Okinawa that we transported the wounded on a small boat from our aid station to a secured area of the island.
forces had concentrated around the bombed aid station and the market, across town from the industrial area; flash mobs made a dotted line that blocked every intersection leading to that part of town.
Their mission accomplished, Levis and Bailey decided to head home, but the Southeast Louisiana Red Cross chapter asked them to stay and staff a first aid station along the Mardi Gras parade route.
I set up a first aid station right next to the cafe, which evolved into a full clinic, with doctors, nurses, and a free pharmacy.
MOM VILLAGE, Papua New Guinea-In a simple but striking example of grass roots development, a group of villagers on a remote island some 30 kilometers off Papua New Guinea's northern coast have funded and built their own medical aid station.
I didn't get off the beach until about 5pm when I was taken to a first aid station, which was an old farmhouse taken over by our lads.
When the pilot realized he was attacking an aid station, he tipped his wings and flew off.

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