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Managed care An arrangement between the providers of health services (in the US, this means doctors and health care professionals) and the corporations (HMOs) contracting their services. 
Vox populi A meeting of the minds between two parties.


The act or result of concurring in a belief, opinion, or plan of action.
[O.Fr. agreer, fr. L.L. aggrato, to make onself pleasing]


n consent of two parties to a binding contract. If one party desires to change the contract, an agreement must be obtained from the other party in order to proceed.


The act or result of concurring in a belief, opinion, or plan of action.
[O.Fr. agreer, fr. L.L. aggrato, to make onself pleasing]


similar results obtained, e.g. by two tests.

chance agreement
the agreement between results which would be expected by chance.
agreement by more than chance
similarity of results obtained in excess of that expected by chance, i.e. estimated by statistical tests such as Kappa.

Patient discussion about agreement

Q. my boy has ADHD , and according to the doctors , in the worst form it can appear .. is all moody and jumpy and hyper-active and i know it is all part of being ADHD child .. but man ... i need some directing and advices how to keep me on track and by that i mean give my child the full support he needs and should have ... it's not easy to chase him and keep him leveled ... and i did till now with great success .. but now he is 5 years old and he is much more active ... How Should i act around him ? what is the right level of freedom i can deliver him ? someone please help me ... i need advices ...

A. parenting is a hard job. a complicated one, and one you'll surly do mistakes and lots of them. being a parent to an ADHD child,well...needs a hyper active parent too...
there are ways to deal with it but it needs a plan and and tools to work with. when i looked for such, i found this site that gives number of tools. i used some of them and they were very helpful.

good luck!

Q. According to my friend he may be an autistic. I am worried but please give me some valuable info? I am worried about my baby who has just completed two years and he cannot speak well like other kids of his age. The most unaccepted thing is that he cannot speak a single word well and he cannot mimic to what I say. According to my friend he may be an autistic. I am worried but please give me some valuable info?

A. A two year baby unable to repeat the words taught to him is a matter of concern. It is too early to diagnose autism at this age as some children gets speech little late. Have patience and watch out for the symptoms for more than six months and if he remains the same, then consult with the doctor for necessary help and support. You can also take some initiative to talk to him because in some cases the kids have developed speech with continuous trial. If he grabs some words from you then it may be a good sign that he may not be autistic.

Q. What are the bases of Chinese medicine? what substances make chinese medicine so effective according to people's opinion ...

A. good question...
because chinese medicine is a popular medicine and practiced in different rural areas of China- there is a lot of diversity between different methods. different feet maps for reflexology, different opinions on acupuncture points and such. but the general idea is the same. and believe it or not - the chinese medicine is actually a trial and error based method that developed over 4,000 years.
that is a lot of time to do trial and error...

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Agreements between owners and contractors can go a long way in protecting owners against unexpected cost overruns and potential claims by contractors or third parties.
Thus, any taxpayer that enters into a VPF should reflect on all aspects of its arrangement with the counterparty, including the pledge arrangement and other existing agreements (e.
ACCOUNTANT is responsible for designing the engagement to provide reasonable assurance of detecting fraud, illegal acts, or violations of provisions of contracts or grant agreements that could have a material effect on the subject matter or audit opinion, and should be alert to situations or transactions that could be indicative of abuse.
Open skies" agreement may hinge on foreign-ownership rules.
The terms of the agreement must be binding throughout life and death.
Distribution agreements with very lengthy terms can create a sense of permanence that make them more challenging to terminate later.
The agreement outlines what those needs are and will outline how you measure performance.
As important, in order to comply with the regulations taxpayers face a dilemma in protecting their confidential non-tax information: They must incorporate in their nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) the excessively broad waiver of confidentiality language set forth in the regulations, thereby risking potential disclosure of the very information the NDA is employed to protect, or disclose through additional tax return filings all transactions covered by NDAs regardless of how insignificant the tax consequences or structure may be.
Adams that greatly enhanced an employer's ability to enforce compulsory arbitration agreements.
They have not effectively communicated why such agreements became essential.
This conclusion is made crystal clear by article 8 of the Fourth Geneva Convention: "Protected persons may in no circumstances renounce in part or in entirety the right secured to them by the present Convention, and by the special agreements referred to in the foregoing Article, if such there be.
When developing an end-user agreement, the basis in considering a request for approval for any transfer of a weapon or weapon system, is that the U.

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