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/ag·o·nis·tic/ (ag″ŏ-nis´tik) pertaining to a struggle or competition; as an agonistic muscle, counteracted by an antagonistic muscle.


(ăg′ə-nĭs′tĭk) also


Of or relating to an agonist.

ag′o·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.


Anatomy Referring to a muscle with an activity similar to the index muscle.
Pharmacology Referring to an agonist (drug).
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5) Or, if you like, into a commanding style of discursive exchange, a seizure of the legitimate, in which Bourdieu's "symbolic power" becomes an imposition, even as it is agonistically negotiated.
She does so by concentrating on that generic moment in which questions of belief are most agonistically posed, the moment of conversion to some practice of belief, a moment that marks the convert as someone as capable of dissent as of assent and thus as someone engaged in practices of cultural criticism, knowledge production, and self-fashioning.
The title, "Borges and I," refers secondly to Bidart, too, and is suggestive of where Bidart parts way with Eliot or Harold Bloom in his view of tradition; he doesn't agonize agonistically, but in the good company of others - lovers, artists, the dead.
The proper response to "the real diversity of historic practices, often agonistically constituted, of which subordination, exclusion, and closure of options are .
By incarnation Levinas means, agonistically, that the persecutor is "being-in-one's-skin, having-the-other-in-one's-skin.
Poe is creating something of a "testing ground," but it is not the accidental testing ground in which discourses clash agonistically, unbeknownst to Poe or his less informed readers.