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/ag·o·nis·tic/ (ag″ŏ-nis´tik) pertaining to a struggle or competition; as an agonistic muscle, counteracted by an antagonistic muscle.


(ăg′ə-nĭs′tĭk) also


Of or relating to an agonist.

ag′o·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.


Anatomy Referring to a muscle with an activity similar to the index muscle.
Pharmacology Referring to an agonist (drug).
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My suggestions for overcoming the crucial weaknesses draw upon insights from feminist understandings of democracy, agonistic pluralism, and deliberative democracy.
This study represents the first attempt to understand the stimuli that promote agonistic interactions between Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided warblers.
In keeping with their agonistic or antagonistic activities, [E.
How solid is the evidence, for example, across the diverse Greek poleis over several centuries, that the spirit of agonistic competition meant that members of broader classes sought political power for status rather than advancing their own material interests?
Eight similarly staged encounters were performed for recordings of male-male agonistic interactions.
Keywords: Blackstripe topminnow, northern studfish, banded killifish, northern starhead topminnow, agonistic behavior
Miller's The Novel and the Police (1988) and Nancy Armstrong's How Novels Think (2005) have overemphasized the ways in which novels help to discipline and consolidate the modern bourgeois subject, and that our critical paradigms (in which author, text, and reader are kept rigidly separate) contribute to this sense of reading as an agonistic struggle for mastery of a text's meaning.
The activities recorded were courtship, foraging, roaming, agonistic display/ chase, and the number of mating attempts.
Serum testosterone suppression and potential for agonistic stimulation during chronic treatment with monthly and 3-month depot formulations of leuprolide acetate for advanced prostate cancer.
No one can "prove" his/her argument scientifically one way or another - whether theist, atheist, agonistic, or non-theist.
Premular[R] (Ze 440), a specific extract of Vitex agnuscastus (Chasteberry), has demonstrated dopamine agonistic action.
Regina Schwartz has called this an agonistic identity that is dependent on the other it denies.