, pl.


(ag'men, ag'min-ă),
Obsolete term for aggregation.
[L. a multitude]
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V - Development of technical documentation - legal completion of a final decision of "building permit" for the MV network expansion and connection of power to the recipient: Agmen Investment Office Building George Moller-band multi-family residential and commercial building with underground garage in Krakow.
navem in conspectu nullam, tris litore cervos prospicit errantis; hos tota armenta sequuntur a tergo et longum per vallis pascitur agmen.
As Pope John Paul II observed, "Wherever the sons of Poland have gone, they have brought with them devotion to the great patron" (Apostoloc Letter, Rutilans Agmen, 8 May 1979 www.
The challenge, called Exercise Tyne Agmen, will take the regiment as far north as Berwick and as far south as Sheffield, travelling through Tyneside, Northumberland, Durham, Teesside and Yorkshire.
29) Erasmus, 1993, 61: "Quae si mortalibus persuaderi queat, ilico facessant e medio bellum; invidia, fraus, breviter universum malorum agmen semel e vita demigret.
It was probably on the basis of this story that the term "qahal" as a manifestation of democracy was defined by Bertram as representing the nation in arms--cives qui in agmen conficiebant (p.