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To accomplish, or be subjected to, agglutination.


v. aggluti·nated, aggluti·nating, aggluti·nates
1. To cause to adhere, as with glue.
2. Linguistics To form (words) by combining words or words and word elements.
3. Physiology To cause (red blood cells or bacteria) to clump together.
1. To join together into a group or mass.
2. Linguistics To form words by agglutination.
3. Physiology To clump together; undergo agglutination.
n. (-ĭt)

ag·glu′ti·nant adj. & n.


noun An aggregate; a clump of cells, usually red cells, formed by an immune interaction between surface antigens and antibodies.
verb To form an immune aggregate with cells, antigens and antibodies.


to stick together and form clumps.
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The increased phenoloxidase and agglutinate titre in the haemolymph of infected shrimp was possibly stimulated by recognition of LPS in the V.
Oxidase, string test, and arginine dihydrolase-positive strains that did not agglutinate with V.
RBCs contaminated with the gel are "sticky" and prone to agglutinate, which can produce false-positive test results.
Characteristics screened included ability to agglutinate gentamicin-modified latex particles, antibody specificity (minimum cross-reactivity with other aminoglycoside drugs), and similarity of reactivities of various gentamicin subspecies.
The ability of influenza A viruses to agglutinate erythrocytes from a variety of hosts may reflect the viruses' receptor specificity (10,11).
Lectins are known as carbohydrate-binding proteins that can bind carbohydrates reversibly and possess the ability to agglutinate cells or precipitate polysaccharides and glycoconjugates (Sharon and Lis 1989; Sharon 2007).
The bacteria agglutinated in Shigella group D antiserum but failed to agglutinate in Shigella groups A, B, and C antisera (Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Systems Italia, Milan, Italy).
If proteolyte degradation products (basement membrane complexes) are present, they combine with latex particles and agglutinate.
These latex particles agglutinate when FDP is present, although timing and dilution requirements must be strictly observed.
Influenza viruses agglutinate erythrocytes by binding to cell surface sialic acid.
As proteins are coupled or adsorbed to the surface, the surface charge (assessed as the zeta potential) decreases and with sufficient protein, the repulsive charge collapses and the particles agglutinate.
Free (residual unbound to Hb) latex-bound antibodies agglutinate with a synthetic polymer that carries copies of the [beta]-N-terminal, and the turbidity of these agglutinates is measured.