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Sensory attributes such as taste, texture, after-taste and mouth feel are important sensory attributes that determine products acceptability especially by an infant.
When you banish mouth odor with Code Blue's Advanced Formulation Mouth Spray you'll also get to enjoy the fresh after-taste of ripe apples.
It has an initially bitter after-taste but it mellows into a lovely sweetness.
Products fortified with these omega-3s are, however, often perceived by consumers as having a "fishy" flavour and an unpleasant after-taste.
Since coaches Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho came to England, Liverpool and Chelsea have played often - and, not infrequently, their meetings have left a bitter after-taste with one or the other.
It has a vinegary after-taste, so not my favourite.
The account of the attempted environmental outrage is only slightly spoiled by suggestions that the after-taste of this scheme, the quintessence of 1960's brutalism, caused a major shift in Edinburgh's political loyalties.
To top it off, she disliked the intense chemical after-taste.
SABMiller's own brewing staff has characterized their beer as more bitter and as having more after-taste," Owens said, "which most light beer consumers don't prefer.
Built around a multifaceted central perf by Carmen Maura as a mentally disturbed woman embarking on a new life, pic's ambition leads it into moments of uncertainty, and even though the horror-meter never really budges, film leaves a memorably atmospheric after-taste.
The overall taste is not great, and the after-taste is horrible and lasts forever.
When PETA produced a video last year encouraging supporters to patronize Burger King and purchase the vegetarian BK Veggie, the glossy anticonsumerist magazine Adbusters sniffed that it left "the after-taste of a bad infomercial' and wondered whether PETA had "gone too far.