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A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device.


Erogonomics A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device. See Icon.


The relationship that exists between the individual and the environment that will facilitate a certain type of movement (e.g., a sliding board affords a child with the opportunity to climb up, sit, and slide down).
[afford + -ance, noun suffix]


a property of an object or a feature of the environment that offers an organism the opportunity to act in a particular way.
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We investigated one instructor's technology integration course for inservice teachers, in terms of the outcomes of both modes of delivery and the affordances applied in both modes.
Though not in contradiction to some of the critiques I voiced earlier (that over-attribution and hyperpersonal communication may elide otherwise developmentally worthwhile contestations with difference), Kirsten's IM exchanges and concomitant interpersonal relationship with Oliver suggest that both pragmatic and linguistic affordances were constructed through this communicative activity.
Localities are treated as arenas in which agents confront structures and the potentials, or affordances, of a place in citing and elaborating identifies (see below).
The concept of affordances in development: The renascence of functionalism.
This example, as well as her use of red and green in the Christmas panel on page 2, are examples of association or provenance, the second type of affordance or source for making meaning with color (Kress & van Leeuwen, 2002, 2006) Finally, although not a distinctive feature, Machin (2007) writes about color harmony in visual composition and distinguishes two levels: complementariness (harmonizing of complementary colors), and value and saturation (p.
Lin, who will act as Volvo Cars Brand Ambassador during the next two years, says he decided to partner with the company for two reasons - foundation and affordance.
McLoughlin and Lee define affordance as an "action that an individual can potentially perform in their environment by using a particular tool" (p.
23) The affordance of the cue-script is access to the unfolding sense of the "passions" of each character--information that is actually quite difficult to glean amid the myriad of other distractions in a playbook.
The other affordance of the Spenserian stanza is, of course, its strong closure: the terminal alexandrine decisively ends the unit--so decisively, indeed, that there is essentially no enjambment across stanzas anywhere in The faerie queene.
The design is now the process within which we explore the affordance (Gibson, 1979; Pea, 1993; Nikerson, 1993; Winn, 1993) and the cognitive potential that that tool and activity hold.
Angie's facility as a listener who actively supports another speaker through affirmations, humor, comments, and attempts to ensure that all participants get an equal chance to speak is a critical potential affordance in the discourse space of Sharing Chair.