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A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device.


Erogonomics A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device. See Icon.


The relationship that exists between the individual and the environment that will facilitate a certain type of movement (e.g., a sliding board affords a child with the opportunity to climb up, sit, and slide down).
[afford + -ance, noun suffix]


a property of an object or a feature of the environment that offers an organism the opportunity to act in a particular way.
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Just 11 percent of Los Angeles County residents can afford that price tag.
Thirty-two percent of households could afford a house priced at the median of $290,510.
The "I Can Afford College" campaign is a statewide financial aid awareness effort aimed at current and prospective low-income students and their families informing them that financial aid is available -- and within reach -- to help cover fees, books and other costs at each of California's 109 community colleges.
We went over the numbers and the property tax and we just don't know how we afford it,'' Stimson said.
A few months after I bought my modest two-bedroom house a few blocks from Dodger Stadium, I could no longer afford my neighborhood.
Fundamental Care is a real solution for companies that want to offer medical coverage but have been forced to drop their plan because they can no longer afford it.
We want to give them a meaningful service for what they can afford,'' McIlvain said.
Living in close quarters with three children, Mrylande and Elie Provence never dreamed they could afford a home of their own when they sought advice from the pastor at their church on how to better provide for their family.
But what if your company can't afford, as SAS can, to subsidize two onsite Montessori-style preschools?
As noted by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA): "A common assumption is that most uninsured Americans simply cannot afford the cost of coverage.
The plan is designed for individuals who either can afford to underwrite a significant portion of their medical expenses, or for those who could not otherwise afford medical coverage.
15 per hour afford the fair market rent for a one-bedroom unit in their community.