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Academic medicine The association of a person, institution, or organisation with others; in US hospital parlance, an affiliation is a close tie of a health care facility to a medical school or university. In a symbiotic affiliation, the hospital gains prestige and resident physicians who provide patient care; the medical school gains a clinical teaching facility.
MedspeakUS A professional relationship, e.g., an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor, or the granting of privileges by a health care facility or a health maintenance organisation (HMO).


Medical practice A professional relationship, including an employment relationship, a position as an independent contractor or granting of privileges by a health care facility or HMO See Hospital affiliation.


(ă-fi-lē-ā′shŏn) [L. affiliare, to adopt as one's child]
1. Membership in a larger organization.
2. Association. In nursing or medical education, the administrative merger of two hospitals or schools of nursing. This enables students to obtain specialized training and experience that might not otherwise be available to them.

affiliation (əfil´ēā´shən),

n the incorporation or formation of a partnership by dental professionals for the purpose of practicing the profession of dentistry.
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He said earlier FJMC and KEMU had earlier been granted temporary exemption from affiliation to the UHS, however, KEMU was granted the status of a university later and FJMC had to be affiliated to the UHS.
While Rajasthan has been given affiliation today, Delhi has apparently not yet filed its papers," Mendiratta told MAIL TODAY .
The lawsuit arose out of a car accident between a vehicle driven by plaintiff and a taxicab affiliated with Yellow Cab Affiliation and bearing a medallion previously owned by YellowTwo, LLC.
However, when we consider Said's definition of affiliation, we might be struck by his assertion that we "tend to forget" the affiliative connections between practices, individuals, classes, and formations.
Alignment of hospital and physician interests is often cited as a potential advantage of affiliation (Haas-Wilson and Gaynor 1998; Simpson and Coate 1998).
Unfortunately, even after several decades of institutional critique and academic re-structuring, few critics have followed up on Edward Said's provocative formulation of affiliation in The World, the Text, and the Critic (1983).
Since NSPI abandoned its proposed restructuring of the national organization, the board seems receptive to an affiliation request.
Our affiliation with West Shell Commercial opens a vital market for Grubb & Ellis in serving our corporate and institutional clients in the key Ohio market," said Steven F.
For the same reasons, affiliation with banks need not--indeed, should not--create bank-like regulation of affiliates of banks.
A similar bill in the Senate, the Depository Institution Affiliation Act, introduced by Senator Alfonse M.
In Letter Ruling (TAM) 9738001, the IRS National Office ruled that A television broadcaster that terminated an affiliation contract with one network to enter into a contract with another network may not take a Sec.