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Variant of etiology.


(1) As commonly used in medical practice, cause.
(2) A branch of knowledge concerned with the causes of particular phenomena; specifically, a branch of medical science concerned with the causes and origins of diseases. This definition is rarely used in the working parlance.


1. The science and study of the causes of disease and their mode of operation.
Compare: pathogenesis
2. The science of causes, causality; in common usage, cause.
Synonym(s): aetiology.
[G. aitia, cause, + logos, treatise, discourse]


The cause of a disease. This may involve many factors, including susceptibility arising from a hereditary tendency or genetic cause, environmental factors, previous related illness, unwise or unhealthy lifestyle, exposure to infective agents, and so on. The term is derived from the Greek aitia , a cause and logos , a discourse. Compare PATHOGENESIS.




the study of causes (usually of a disease).


cause of disease


The cause or origin of a disease. Note: also spelt etiology. See diagnosis; epidemiology.


Patient discussion about aetiology

Q. how is depression caused by having cancer treated? I mean not only the patient, also the family members who tend to get depressed by the situation. how can you treat thi skind of depression?

A. thanks guys, you are great. Nice to have such a community here.

Q. What causes fibromyalgia? Is fibromyalgia a deadly disease?

A. The causes of fibromyalgia are not known. But there are many theories such as abnormalities in brain chemicals, infections, trauma, genetics and hormonal changes. Factors such as poor sleep, fatigue, overexertion and anxiety, may aggravate the symptoms. Fibromyalgia is not a progressive or life-threatening condition, but it affects quality of life. Fibromyalgia is only a disorder of muscles and not a disease.

Q. Is that true that mouth sores are caused by lack of vitamins? I’ve been having white mouth sores in the past 6 months or so. Could that mean I have to take vitamin supplements?

A. yup ... autoimmune reactions means your immune system is not working well
it's not working well because it lacks the nutrient and vitamins it needs to function properly
- take lots of vitamin c to boost your immune system
- organic multivitamins
- organic juices high in anti oxidants
- and most important .. omega 3-6-9

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29) The above findings suggest that high phaeomelanin levels in melanocytes may be of significance in the aetiology of melanoma.
Among patients with a single aetiology, the lowest HIV prevalence was found among M-PCR-TP positive cases (20.
This sustained high incidence of GUDs was followed by a rapid increase in HIV prevalence and changes in the aetiology of the STI syndrome.
Biliary atresia (BA) is a neonatal cholestatic jaundice which results from obstruction of the extrahepatic biliary system due to destructive inflammation of unknown aetiology.
Yet, the pathogenesis, and aetiology of ICC, remained enigmatic, several theories were postulated, such as familial and genetic factors (13,14), community and caste-related nutritional deficiencies (vegetarianism) (15,16) microbia (17,18) and viral (15,19) infections and suspected toxins (10,20).
Cases clinically diagnosed as viral encephalitis from Raipur in central India in 1980 showed CHPV aetiology, confirmed by isolation of CHPV virus from the acute sera (2).
Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish the pattern and aetiology of maxillofacial fractures in a group of Brazilian children aged 5-17 years.
Among specific topics are good nutrition, the inter-war years 1919-30, the lost development decade of the 1980s, science and technology, the environment and natural resources, and dispelling the myths of aetiology and etymology.
Contrary to just being a medical condition or risk factor for other diseases, obesity is a complex disease of multifaceted aetiology, with its own disabling capacities, pathophysiologies and comorbidities.
Acute pancreatitis in five European countries: aetiology and mortality.
The 'ability' to detect viral aetiology leads to its 'application' in every outbreak of acute febrile illness of children with brain involvement, whether appropriate or not.
The change of the staple diet of black South Africans from sorghum to maize (corn) may be a factor in the aetiology.