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Dispersion in air of a liquid material or a solution in the form of a fine mist, usually for therapeutic purposes, especially to the respiratory passages.


The suspension of minute solid or liquid particles in a gas.
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POC testing potentially avoids specimen transport, centrifugation, and aliquoting, reducing the risks of droplet formation or aerosolization.
Thus, sonication of NOM-containing water can, in theory, result in increased aerosolization of the engineered nanomaterials when compared with the same material sonicated in deionized (DI) water.
SHEA continues to believe that N95 respirators should be used in situations where aerosolization of influenza virus is more likely--such as during bronchoscopy or endotracheal intubation.
Risk for certain infectious diseases such as coccidioidomycosis, which are transmitted through aerosolization of spores in soil, also increases with drought.
These water features had a measurable impact on the numbers of airborne bacteria in the room hosting the device; our results suggest the opposite of conventional opinion regarding the operations of architectural indoor water features, which are often suspect for the enrichment and aerosolization of some microbes.
The speed at which the underlying life sciences are advancing, including areas related to agent delivery such as aerosolization.
Other means of infection are person-to-person via asymptomatic carriers and episodes of public vomiting, through fomites or aerosolization.
Like other RC pharmacological agents, the number of corticosteroids for aerosolization continues to grow
Optimizing drug formulation is one challenge when developing nebulizer systems, another is to ensure effective aerosolization of the dose.
If there is an available cavity inside a particular DPI device, this CSF sorbent can be customized to fit inside it, creating an "onboard" solution for the containment and subsequent aerosolization of the DPI drug product formulation.
Ventaira Pharmaceuticals, Columbus, Ohio, specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing pharmaceutical products for inhalation by utilizing its novel proprietary electrohydrodynamic (EHD) aerosolization technology and formulation technologies to improve the profiles of new or existing drugs, announced today that it has signed a manufacturing agreement with Nypro Inc.
If your facility is experiencing an outbreak of Clostridium difficile, experts recommend using a 1-to-10 dilution of bleach for hard-surface cleaning via a bucket-and-wipe or a mop-bucket application to avoid aerosolization of the bacteria.

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