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Alphamantis is a developer of aerodynamics testing and measurement technology for the cycling industry.
Jaguar will provide the aerodynamic expertise to develop the Iron-Man-style suit I need, as well as helping me acclimatise to speed and external forces using highperformance vehicles.
With smoke, lasers or brightly colored dyes inserted in the fluid flow, patterns of smoothness and disturbance appear, making the usually invisible aerodynamics around the items brilliantly visible.
The Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept at the front of its stand
When designing the Beast Supercar CEO Ferris Rezvani sought out some of the best aerodynamics experts in the industry.
However, with Brazuca's six thermally bonded propeller-shaped panels, less than Jabulani's eight, Teamgeist's 15 or the 32 of traditional footballs, Adidas said that the new seam geometry would give the ball aerodynamic accuracy and a stable flight.
The Aerodynamics Laboratory, where operations began this month, is equipped with a large fan and a moving belt system that can simulate vehicle operation and environments with wind speeds of up to 250 km/h, making precise evaluation of aerodynamic characteristics possible under a range of driving conditions, from city to highway driving.
I was impressed by the fact that about one-third of the revenues of the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics center come from the sale of its scientific inventions, and that its clients include the US Navy and prestigious European organizations," Donchev declared.
The e1/4170 million investment underscores the ongoing enhancement of aerodynamics as an essential cornerstone of BMW Group's EfficientDynamics strategy and introduces to the world the first wind tunnel capable of testing two vehicles at the same time.
They use it to analyze and improve the aerodynamics of the car chassis.
Landa, the tenth edition of The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook is the latest updated version of a highly technical and practical reference manual written especially for engineers and scientists, or advanced college and graduate studies students.
The Bird is on the Wing: Aerodynamics and the Progress of the American Airplane.