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Aerenchyma proportion in root cortex also may be related to intraspecific competition, since this characteristic has been seen to increase under environmental stress (Vasellati et al.
Aerenchyma development and elevated alcohol dehydrogenase activity as alternative responses to hypoxic soils in the Piriqueta caroliniana complex.
Aerenchyma formation in the roots of date palm, due to transfer of the cortex, may enhance diffusion of the atmospheric and photosynthetic oxygen from the shoot to roots [10] [11].
exclusion and salt resistance of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in saline-waterlogged conditions are improved by the development of adventitious nodal roots and cortical root aerenchyma.
ARS scientists and university breeders have introduced aerenchyma into wheat and corn experimentally.
Table 2: Mean comparisons of size of epidermal cells, precycle, aerenchyma cells and parenchyma cells under different levels of cadmium and calcium.
In the middle area of the transverse section, immediately below the central vascular bundle, the intercellular spaces are larger, and look like aerenchyma of stellate cells (Fig.
Morphological and anatomical structures that confer adaptation to prolonged flooding include adventitious roots, increased aerenchyma tissue in stems, and development of hypertrophic stem lenticels (Schaffer et al.
Differences in consumption between the two Leptysminae species may be related to the leaf characteristics of their host plants; while the leaves of Eichhornia have a considerable proportion of aerenchyma and few sclerenchyma cells (Gonzalez 2002, Boeger & Adis 2007), Paspalum leaves have few aerenchyma and a considerable amount of sclerenchyma associated with the vascular bundles and within the subepidermic layer (Aliscioni 2000).
Sections done in the stem did not present any alteration in the conduction tissues of xylem, phloem and aerenchyma.
Adaptive responses of Lepidium latifolium to soil flooding: biomass allocation, adventitious rooting, aerenchyma formation and ethylene production.