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GI disease Impairment of the fecal flow of GI contents Clinical Sx reflect point of obstruction and type of ileus; paralytic ileus causes little pain and is first evident through abdominal distension and vomiting; post-operative paralytic ileus may manifest itself through ↑ nasogastric secretions or oliguria; mechanical ileus is associated with vomiting, abdominal colic, distension and constipation, which may be episodic with intermittent relief by production of voluminous, watery stools Management Stabilize, decompress, repair. See Meconium ileus, Paralytic ileus.
Ileus types
Adynamic Paralytic ileus, 2º to electrolyte derangements, mesenteric arterial vascular accidents, peritoneal irritation, surgery, trauma, paraneoplastic phenomena
• Obstructive Intraluminal tumors, intussusception, gallstones, bezoar, feces, foreign bodies
• Intrinsic lesions Atresia, stenosis, strictures due to neoplasms, inflammation, chemicals, vascular lesions
• Extrinsic lesions Adhesive bands from C-sections, previous surgery, hernias, neoplasia, abscesses, volvulus, hematomas 


(a?di-nam'e-a) [ ¹an- + Gr. dynamis, strength] Asthenia.adynamic (-nam'ik), adjective


Relating to adynamia.
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Calcium-based phosphate binders and/or vitamin D analogues should be limited if patients experience hypercalcemia, arterial calcification, adynamic bone disease and/or if the serum PTH levels become persistently low (KDIGO, 2009; National Kidney Foundation, 2003).
2) If incompetent, diffuse gaseous distention of both the small and large bowel results, making differentiation from adynamic ileus difficult.
50 for 50ml) Lofty claims: Adynamic booster cream to use at night with Jasmine Absolute and Palmisomes which is designed for tired, stressed and smoker's skin by removing unwanted toxins from the skin cells.
Adynamic knowledge-based economy founded on individual empowerment and opportunity, where governments enable, not command, and the power of the market is harnessed to serve the public interest;
Given that language is adynamic and evolving object, there is a degree to which, by the time a dictionary makes it through the compilation and publication process, it has grown out of date.
Adynamic ileus is frequently seen in the postoperative period and may persist for several weeks.
Often, the problem is scar producing an adynamic (nonvibrating) segment of the vocal fold, decreased bulk of one vocal fold following "stripping," or some other serious complication in a mobile vocal fold.
Removing such webs may lengthen the vocal folds at the expense of exposing adynamic areas on the contact surfaces that will make voice quality worse.
Although a review of the literature shows that bowel entrapment is a relatively rare complication, it can be fatal and must be differentiated from adynamic ileus, a more benign condition that occurs in up to 5% to 18% of pelvic fractures, which lasts an average of 3 days.
Adynamic drivemodesharpens the suspension, steering and throttle responses while the gearbox can be switched into a sport setting widening the rev ranges.