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there is no increase in premium, then there is no adverse action requiring a notice under the FCRA.
A creditor may also act or forebear to act upon an account on the basis of inactivity, default or delinquency without fear that a court would characterize the action as an adverse action under the ECOA.
The adverse action notice must tell the consumer that an adverse action has been taken against him and what that adverse action is.
To establish a prima facie case of retaliation under Title VII, a plaintiff must prove that (1) he engaged in protected activity, (2) he suffered an adverse action, and (3) there was a causal connection between the protected act and the employer's adverse action.
Snyder added that in another part of the ruling, the Supreme Court held that an adverse action may be triggered for new insurance policies if the first-time rate is a "disadvantageous increase" from a rate otherwise offered when not considering credit--a so-called "neutral score.
The NPDB is the mechanism that converts an adverse action, taken as a result of sham peer review at the local level, to a professional death sentence for a physician's career at the national level.
Other potential examples of adverse action include threatening reassignment; scrutinizing work or attendance more closely than that of other employees, without justification; or giving an inaccurately lowered performance appraisal or job reference, even if not unfavorable.
8) An important feature of adverse action cases is the reverse onus of proof.
Adverse actions and performance-based actions; process, law and cases, guidance, and pitfalls.
Entergy Nuclear Operations, the divided panel found that the plaintiff, whose conduct was repeatedly investigated and who received a disciplinary letter--later withdrawn--had not suffered an adverse action.
Pre-Adverse Action Notice - Before taking adverse action, the employer must provide the consumer with:
An explanation that the consumer reporting agency did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to provide the consumer with the specific reasons why the adverse action was taken