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Not native to and not fully established in a new habitat or environment; locally or temporarily naturalized: an adventive weed.
An adventive organism.

ad·ven′tive·ly adv.


Ecology Referring to an organism which is not native to an ecosystem.
Psychology Referring to a unique facet or anomaly in one's life history which did not follow the usual “trajectory”.
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Adventive intends to publish trends and statistical information in a report that will be available on their website in November 2013.
It has been introduced in Italy, France, Germany, and Switzerland and is adventive in many other European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden (van Slageren, 1994).
So far, the frequency or maximum diameter of sound and dead adventive knots in different radial zones could not be predicted satisfactorily by tree or stand factors.
iii) Oversowing and fertilising reduced the proportion of bare ground and the cover of indigenous species, and transformed the vegetation to a species composition dominated by the introduced adventive grasses browntop and sweet vernal.
Paradoxically, we study the art of people remote from us in space, time or intellectual habit - in this case Southeast Asia - not because we necessarily wish to take up residence in their fields, villages or cities, or so that we may become friends, but in order that we may live in a more wakeful, mindful and composed way in the adventive present of a world we are actually making.
Abundance of adventive Thrips palmi (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) populations in Florida during the first sixteen years.
The main task of such blacklists is the revealing of adventive species local invasions.
Rothrock & Homoya (2005) have suggested that natural quality of an area is compromised when adventive diversity lowers mean C [greater than or equal to] 0.
unicostata anda key to the genera of Tingidae in Canada are provided to help distinguish this adventive species from other Canadian Tingidae.
Genus Delta of Potter wasp is recognized with about 50 species and many subspecies, distributed through-out the Old World, with one species adventive in North America (Carpenter, 2008).