adventitious breath sounds

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adventitious breath sounds

sounds heard on auscultation of abnormal lungs.
See also: rale, rhonchus, crackle, crepitation, wheeze, rub, crunch.

adventitious breath sounds

Abnormal lung sounds heard when listening to the chest as the person breathes. These may be wheezes, crackles (rales), or stridor. They do not include sounds produced by muscular activity in the chest wall or friction of the stethoscope on the chest.

ad·ven·ti·tious breath sounds

(advĕn-tishŭs breth sowndz)
Noise heard on auscultation of abnormal lungs.


1. accidental or acquired.
2. not in the usual place.

adventitious breath sounds
see breath sounds.
adventitious movements
purposeless movements; as seen in distemper myoclonus in dogs.