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We know there's a fair amount of activity around the advanced-practice nurse issue," Reinhard says.
CEOs should not underestimate their roles in welcoming advanced-practice nurses on staff.
Twice as many patients can be treated when an advanced-practice nurse joins a medical staff.
These laws will allow a child crying with an earache or a hypertensive patient out of medication to receive on-site primary care from a qualified advanced-practice nurse in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Why, then, would anyone challenge the advantages of having advanced-practice nurses provide primary health-care services, as the American Medical Association decided to do at its 2007 annual meeting recently in Chicago?
As a Harvard Business School faculty member recently told a class, physicians should focus on complex medical cases and allow advanced-practice nurses and physician assistants to provide the primary care that they do so well.
This is a curious statistic since Pennsylvania has approximately 11,000 advanced-practice nurses who hold a minimum of a master's degree and often a doctoral degree and who have advanced clinical skills, experience and specialty certification.
recently earned a degree as an advanced-practice nurse so that he can prescribe, a strategy that he found "high on education and low on conflict" with psychiatrists or other physicians.
Advanced-practice nurses can prescribe independently in at least 28 states and can prescribe under physician supervision in 50 states.
The recommendation comes amid concerns that advanced-practice nurses need training above and beyond the required master's degree.
Advanced-practice nurses typically work with individuals who require long-term health care, such as heart or kidney transplant patients.

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